The Legacy

The Tau Leather legacy is the story of passion, craftsmanship, and integrity. Our collective pride is carved into every Tau leather. When you touch Tau leather, it’s obvious why we use 100% full grain leather for our bags. But the quality of our leather isn’t just skin deep—it stands the test of time.

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The Pride

Tau Leather was created to accentuate life’s finest moments with one-of-a-kind leather goods. We bring quality craftsmanship to every item. From the finest leathers in the world to an unparalleled spirit of service, we honor our legacy every step of the way. A purchase with Tau isn’t just a purchase, it is a welcoming into the Tau Pride.

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The Impact

Handcrafted with a deep respect for local traditions and the environment, Tau leather products are unique works of art. When you buy a Tau leather product, you’re giving back to the community, supporting South African artisans, and purchasing brilliant handmade leather goods. Unlike mass-produced leather goods, our leather products are full-grain, and made by hand using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.

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